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Create specific categories for phones/ rate plans / data add ons / activations & cancellations etc specific categories for ideas submitted into The Koodo Community

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Create specific individual categories for questions & answers in the community-to avoid having to scroll through each individual link .(example:If we are looking for a specific phone-we would click on say LG for any questions or answers in this category-If we want to know about samsung we would select samsung)--or in regards to questions about rate plans-have link for only questions about rate plans-this would save from going through unnessary links.And save in frustration trying to find answers for specific questions.

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Hey Linda For the moment I am using Search WIndow at top right corner, select "all topics" enter your keyword, then you will get the list of all topics including your keyword link LG - if Koodo can improve it with additional prepositions (like And, 0r, Nor... etc..)