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Create Koodo Credit Cards-To purchase as gifts to give to others to help pay bills or buy koodo products

  • 20 December 2012
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Lets make Koodo cards (.gift cards that can be purchased by anyone)in denomintations of $10/$25/$50/$100 -So we can assist helping to pay phone bills or to allow people to use this card towards phones or accessories .

6 replies

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Just give the person a prepaid credit card or top up card for prepaid services. - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada) *should have put this post under the ideas section 😉 *
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I like anything that gets El Tabador in my pocket!
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I like anything that gets El Tabador in my pocket!John I thought you had a wife, I didn't know you swung that way lol jk
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Even better would be to make it so that you can preload any amount (even exact bill amount) via bank or kiosk and then that way those who don't have a credit card or online banking can use this method. Plus they can be reloadable so you can repeat every month
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I love anything Koodo branded Linda, you definetly caught my attention there! As much as we'd love to help customers out with this, an even easier solution is to give your friend a prepaid credit card or pay their bill for them 🙂 Any prepaid card will work as long as the it's registered with the same mailing address that your friend has on file (they can do this themselves).
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Ashley-I totally thought that the prepaid card was a great idea myself.But can promise the service would be better if you could make the reloadable koodo cards instead---WHAT A PERFECT.gift IDEA.:)