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Clear that tab ASAP

What I'd really like to see is an option to select different monthly tab contributions, to make it possible to pay off tab balances more quickly. For example, someone with $300 on the tab could opt to go for the minimum Tab charge of $5/month, or they could increase it to $10 (or even $15). What do you think, Koodo? The sooner your customers pay their tabs, the sooner you get to balance your books on the sale of the phone 🙂

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Yes - increasing the monthly tab payment by $5 or $10 (and finish paying off the phone faster...) A $300 tab on a $50 plan with 15% (=$7.50) contribution would take exactly 24 months to pay off with a $5 monthly tab payment. ($5 payment + 15% ($7.50) tab contribution = $12.50 total per month = $300 in 24 months.) However an extra $5/month will reduce the payback time to 17 months, all other things being equal ... and an extra $10/month will pay off the tab in 13 months. I think it would nice if the option for a sliding scale of possible tab payback levels were available. 🙂
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I agree Pat. But your Banking Model does not work for the Cell Phone Industry. Case in point. Koodo refused to let me pay off my $109.00 Tab "early" stating to me that, to do so, would terminate my $60.00 Canada Wide 6GB plan. Now if you would, look to the most recent Koodo Pamphlet and calculate what my plan would cost me today. I calculate $75.00 + $30.00 ($5.00 @ 500MB x 6) which equals $105.00 per month, the sooner they can get me off my grandfathered $60.00 Plan. I am using Koodo model as I am a Koodo Customer, not to single out Koodo specifically, as all the Cell Companies do it. Like any business, its a business out to make profits for shareholders.
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Moto G wrote:

I agree Pat. But your Banking Model does not work for the Cell Phone Industry. Case in point. Ko...

Hey Stephen! Just a heads up, you get to keep your plan for as long as you wish, Tab or not, it doesn't matter. Your grandfathered plan stays grandfathered, they do not take it away.
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Thanks for your feedback, Pat. Just wanted to let you all know that you can now pay off your tab using Self Serve! ~Sumaya