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Change the Call Control message!!!!!

I can’t begin to express my frustration with this otherwise fantastic feature. Week after week I hear from countless people telling me my number is “blocked” because they don’t know about call control. They hear the call control message and don’t listen to the whole thing or assume its some scam just because they don’t yet know about this feature from any of their own contacts. For this reason the message needs to change to address this misconception. 

it should begin with “Un message en francais suivera. The (Koodo) customer you are calling IS NOT BLOCKED but is using the Call Control to filter non-human calls. To connect, simply dial (whatever number gets generated)” 


Please note that acknowledgement of a 2nd language message must also be added because many who only speak 1 of the 2 languages are also not able to understand this feature. 

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I agreed that they could improve the message to get it clearer to caller. 

On the issue with blocked calls, if a number was blocked, it would be sent to voicemail. If the caller knew it, the person should realize the difference though. 

If you knew the number, you could also add that number to the “safe list” and the call will go through without entering the call control number. 

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@highflying10 Thanks for the suggestion! 


The current recording simply states the following:

“This number has call control. To get through pls press X.”

I do agree with you that some people don’t listen and just wonder if a different message, to explain things, would make things better or worse. 

We’ll definitely take it back to the team for consideration. It maybe just a matter of a few months people learning how things work with this feature. All carriers have a version of this service available, and unfortunately, given the increased sp(c)amming activity, more and more people use. 

We do appreciate your feedback 100% though!