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celebrating "koodoversaries" with a discount on that month's bill

Each year, on their anniversary of joining koodo, customers receive a discount on that month's bill relative to the length of time they've been a customer. This tiered savings scale could go something like this: if you've been a customer for 1 year, save 5% in your anniversary month. 2 years, save 10%, 3 years save 15%, 4 years save 20% up to a max of 50% at 10 years (increasing by 5% for each up to 10 years). This should not be a massively advertised thing, it should just be a sweet surprise "thanks for being a great customer" from the koodo family. This deal should not have any strings attached- it doesn't matter what phone you have or what service plan, every year on your "koodoversary" you get your discount, increasing by 5% each year!

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