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Bring New Carrier Safe Driving Initatives to Canada

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For the longest time, Koodo has been a great option for students and people getting their first phones. Many of these people are also just starting to venture out on the roads themselves. I believe this puts Koodo in a great position to help teach people how to practice responsible phone use while in the car. Build off whats there: Samsung has their S-Drive program that they launched in Australia, which would be perfect to bring out in Canada. Some of the most popular phones on Koodo are the Samsung devices, so it seems a perfect opportunity. Maybe instead of offering a big $100.gift card on a new phone, there would be the option for a $100.gift card, or people could choose a $50.gift card and the S-Drive car cradle. You could even start tying in the points you can earn on the app towards Tab credits or discounts off other accessories. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9TlxdyYNUY Impact: Why wait till this problem becomes an even larger epidemic. Canada has made distracted driving illegal, but is that enough? I drive all the time, and constantly notice people still on their phones. With the size of Telus and Koodo, they could make the points program mention on S-Drive really work by getting partners to join in the program. Who wouldn't want to be associated with a program like this that keeps people alive. Their results are showing a 25% reduction in crashes in regions with S-Drive, and fatalities are down 20% in ages 17-25 (I would argue this is Koodo's target market). I think this is a great opportunity for Koodo to lead the way, and maybe if they do, other carriers will follow suit. Together, we can make the roads safer.

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I completely agree!  I would like to see an app available for all devices though as apple products appear to be more popular with the young driving set right now.  I am a Koodo customer through and through.  A safe driving app for my kids (and me) offered anywhere would make me jump ship though.  It would be nice if Koodo was on the frontline.
Australia had driving laws banning handheld phones in 1993.  I always wondered what took Canada so long to catch up.  Obviously because the rules aren't enough.

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I just figured I would bump this idea back up because I have been seeing more about it on Facebook and social media recently. With fines for distracted driving going up and demerits being added I think this just makes even more sense. And I feel like this would be a PERFECT thing for Koodo and Samsung to partner up on. Have Telus be part of this and kick Virgin members benefits to the curb with perks and rewards.
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Mark Kokolsky wrote:

I just figured I would bump this idea back up because I have been seeing more about it on Faceboo...

There are plenty of other companies that offer stuff like this. This is a waste of Koodo's time and I wouldnt bother and so wouldnt most people. You also got 1 reply in a year. You really think there's a true demand for this? Enough for Koodo to buy and implement it? There really isn't.

Really? You think this would be the perk that beats Virgin Mobile's member benefits? Lol come on now

Carriers have better things to worry and implement. There are plenty of companies that can offer stuff like this, Koodo doesn't need to partner with any of them. Especially not one to a specific phone manufacturer
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Mark Kokolsky wrote:

I just figured I would bump this idea back up because I have been seeing more about it on Faceboo...

To my knowledge no Canadian carrier has any real anti-distracted driving campaigns. This is something that is becoming a huge concern for a lot of people out there, and I think you will likely see more and more about distracted driving. Maybe you wouldn't use it, but the numbers since they started using it in Australia look pretty impressive.
I'm not saying use this exact system, but to me it makes sense to try and be a champion for safer driving. I understand this system I limited to Samsung devices, but maybe its just a thought starter to trying to come up with a program to increase safety. Bell does all their work with mental health, Telus has their whole "Give where we live", but Koodo recently shut down Koodo Nation.
As for beating Virgin's members benefits......maybe I just don't hold a very high opinion of them.