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Bring back the "Amigo of the month" program

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About 18months ago Koodo started a program where they selected one Facebook User per month to be their "Amigo of the Month". It didn't have any real perk other than Koodo would put their picture up as their profile picture but it was something people seemed to enjoy. Did the "Mobile Masters" program outright replace it? I for one would like to see "Amigo of the month" make a return. Sure there's tons of people on the Community that help out, but there's also a substantial amount of questions being posted on their Facebook wall. Chad, Ahmad & I all use to post on Facebook a lot more regularly before being named "Mobile Masters". I think Koodo should bring back the "Amigo of the month" program to recognize those that do a great job keeping their Facebook page answered. They could also use it as a tool to perhaps "promote" certain Amigos to into Masters...though even after the promotion, the Amigos should continue to focus on Facebook. What do you guys think?

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Thanks for sharing this idea with us John. The Amigo of the Month program was a huge success and we can definetly see why you'd want it to make a comeback. We didn't really get rid of the Amigo of the Month, we enhanced it to include tangible benefits where customers could benefit the most from community support. When we make our final decisions on the next Mobile Masters, we always take their participation on Facebook into consideration so all is not lost 🙂