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Automatically update customers to improved (same price) plans

  • 25 June 2019
  • 2 replies

I am currently on the prepaid $15 plan, and have been for the past year. Recently I happened to go on the Koodo website, and noticed that the $15 plans have 250 MB of data included (not much, but useful in a pinch). However, when I tried to start using data, it would not work.

Looking into further, I realised that the data must not have been included when I first signed up. The plan price and all other details were the same, just a bit of data was added.

It looks like my best option now is to change my base plan online. Currently, I'm waiting for the end of my billing cycle, so that I don't have to pay to renew my plan twice within a short amount of time.

Could this change not be done automatically as a customer service to existing customers?

2 replies

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It potentially could but you keep your plan unless you change it yourself for better or for worse. It would have to be determined to be a better plan and changes aren't supposed to beade without your approval. The best I think that could happen is you being informed of new plans. I'd suggest periodically checking to see changes
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Yeah I dont understand why koodo couldnt have added it to the current plan instead of having a separate $15 plan for this.