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Arrange direct callbacks for prepaid customers

  • 22 January 2019
  • 3 replies

Recently, I have had to call tech support a couple of times.

Each time I have arranged a callback (using the koodomobile.com/chat), and then I have to tell tech support that I have a prepaid plan, and then I have to wait on hold (for another 10 minutes or so) to get someone who deals with prepaid.

Could there be a way to get prepaid support to call me back directly? I would rather not have to wait twice (once for the call-back, and the second time on hold for a transfer).

3 replies

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Prepaid behaves as a completely different operation. Going the commonly recommended Facebook route meant waiting for a generic reply telling me to call *611 since that's where the prepaid help lives.

Last time I used *611 for a serious account SNAFU, there was a menu key option for prepaid, and I was connected with an appropriate person in a minute or so. That was excellent performance, considering it was on a weekend.
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@Peter 2

If there are dedicated tech reps strictly for prepaid as Bernard is saying, just dial *611 from your prepaid phone and you should be connected to one of them. That way you won't have to go through the hassle of scheduling a callback and then getting a rep who only deals with postpaid customers.

You could also ask your question here and someone might be able to answer it.
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@Peter 2 Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion! We are working on this! Unfortunately there are dedicated tech reps for prepaid customers, however our callbacks currently are routed to monthly customers. Truth to be told what we'd like is our tech reps have the ability to handle both. It's in the plans but that is a significant change that will take some time to implement.