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An option in add on where a client is able to purchase x amount of data for y price if over then charged z amount per bit.

Add on option for data

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That doesn't make sense. How do you purchase an amount of data that you can choose for a price that you can choose? So you can basically set your data price to be 0 and get all the data you want? If you are talking about being charged for X amount of data, then that's called overages which are included in every plan.
When I was with Virgin I had an option where I purchased 100 mg bits a month for $10.00 and if over the 100 it cost me $5.00 a mg bit. I use my phone for texts and data with little to no voice. I do not want to pay for something I am not using, so going to a plan with more minute does not work for me and the higher plans offer to many voice minutes that I will never use. Therefore, I want to add to my plan a data options so I am able to use data without a surprise on my bill at the end of the month and I am over my budget.
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Hi Sue, Sounds like you're looking for a flex data plan. Though Koodo doesn't specificially offer this, the pay-per-use/additional data works similarly (basically what John was referring to). If you don't use data, you get charged $0. If you use a bit of data, you get charged X$/Xmb (depending on your plan). I think that this is a fair practice. Cheers, Peter
I am not stating the client set the amounts but the company offer add ons for data without changing your plan. This works even if you have a higher plan but want more data. The only options it does not work with is an unlimited data plan.
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Hi Sue, Per my previous message, that's basically how Koodo works... https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html Let's say you are on the $35 dollar plan (which includes up to 50mb of data) and use 25mb of data for the month of October, you will be billed $0 for the data use. That being said, if you decided to use 100mb of data the month of October, you would be billed $35 + $5. Now, let's say in November, you decide to only use 35mb of data, you would be billed $0 for data use and your bill would only be $35 (i.e. your base plan never changes). I hope this clears things up.
No I want more data with extra minutes or for some extra minutes without the extra data. Although, I do not know why they want extra minutes when it is free after a certain time. I use WiFi when out if I am near somewhere but at the beach or for a walk in the woods there is no place near. I want an option to purchase data without having to change my plan and get more than I need.