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again DATA needs a boost Mr. bigwig koodo guy.. 🤨

  • 5 February 2020
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So my situation tends to end up being that either due to my job being out away from wifi, or that I am busy in normal life again not near wifi... Right now. I'm without wifi all the damn time. And I have 12 gigs.. that lasted me half this billing cycle ... Is there some way you folks could I dunno offer let's say either a big ticket add on like let's say 5 gigs for I dunno $40... Or an option to just agree to a bill of 125 for 18 gigs and unlimited everything else. ..   help a sistah out... 

1 reply

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I would swap over to Telus. 

For $125/month you could get 50GB of data there will unlimited everything else.


(And Telus owns Koodo so youd still technically be under the same company)