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Add your phone service prodiver's phone number as a emergency contact automaticly

  • 3 January 2019
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  1. How do I call koodo to get a code to unlock my sim card if i can't call anybody because my sim card is locked? I can't call the company to unlock my sim card unless i call the company to unlock my sim card..............???!!!!%@*&^%??
  2. I tried to create a passcode to secure my brand new sim card bought a couple days prior and it said my pin code was incorrect despite never having one ever before to begin with because the sim card was brand new....this is how I locked myself out of using my sim card I JUST activated 2 days before
  3. When it asks for the PUK code, you first must enter a pin code which i think is: 12345678, any other number with the same amount of numbers or less is only just incorrect but If you enter more than 8 digits, it tells you it is incorrect because you must have AT LEAST 8
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...After entering 12345678, its ASKS you to enter a DESIRED code....the code you DESIRE to use, implying you have a choice, that you get to choose a combination of numbers that you want to use to unlock your sim card ........then it asks you to CONFIRM that desired code to ensure you entered the code you actually DESIRED to enter correctly because typos are extra likely to happen with touchscreens. ..........I now only have one chance left to enter the correct code to unlock my sim card before I permanently lock my sim card because my DESIRED pin code was INCORRECT.....just like the first pin code that locked me out of my band new, never before used sim card in the first place even though there was no "old" pin code or any pin code at all ever before.

1 reply

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You can always message them through Facebook.


Or by requesting a callback through the digital assistant to any Canadian number you provide to be reached at.