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If you need more data, you can upgrade to a higher data plan or just use the data overages that are a part of your plan.
No not what I mean...I mean a an add on where I can stay with my plan and add data of x for $10 and know if I want to use data my bill at the end of the month will be the same. This works for the client where  bill does not change and company. The client is able to use data without extra cost and if not used benefit to company by increasing $ if no data is sure by the client that month. I use phone for text and data so do not want a plan with more than I need. The other plans offer too many minutes and data not what I want nor do I want a surprise at the end of the month if I use data. I
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Hi Sue, Sounds like you're looking for a flex data plan. Though Koodo doesn't specificially offer this, the pay-per-use/additional data works similarly (basically what John was referring to). If you don't use data, you get charged $0. If you use a bit of data, you get charged X$/Xmb (depending on your plan). I think that this is a fair practice. Cheers, Peter
No, just want an option where I have not surprises at the end of the month. My voices option extra stays the same but I have use of data if I needed it without the hidden cost at the end of the month because I used data. This is not a flex plan it is fixed plan that is to say I have the use of data without a hidden charge at the end of the month which is what happens with my plan now. I have the perfect plan now except it has a high data cost and if I use it my month end cost goes up. I want no surprise at the end of the month, I want to know I have an options which works for me if I need it with no hidden costs.
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But Koodo can't predict if you will be using data. If you need more data, select a plan that's appropriate to you. How much data are you using a month right now? You should also take advantage of Wi-Fi whenever possible.
Do not want you to predict, just an option so I have no surprise at the end of the month. I use Wifi as often as I am am able but there are times when I am not close to some place offering and want to use but do not want extra on my bill. Your other plans offer to many minutes for me, as text is my preferred or email which requires data. My plan is great just need more data without the high price and for those who want more minutes and less data then an add on for more minutes without the extra data.