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Koodo should have a plan that is $30 a mouth that has 100 minutes, 200mb.

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They did during December.
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Looks like you missed it! Koodo did have many promotional plans during the month of December. One of them included a $30 plan for: 150 Canada-wide minutes Unlimited 7pm/Evenings Unlimited Text Caller ID Voicemail 200MB of Data Unfortunately it has expired now. But Koodo does have other data plans that may interest you. Check them out here! Link: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html
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I have that plan, I'll sell you it for 1 millllllllllion dollars muahahahahaha lol
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I'll sell mine for $999,999. Welcome to the price is right 😛
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Koodo should offer such plans more often.