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A good Start to an Idea!

My idea is when you get a phone with koodo, you should get everything you need for your phone at no cost to you. So if I go to Koodo and buy a phone and get a plan. I should receive a case, screen protector, car charger, and anything else you would need. But once your purchase is done you can't go back and say well I need ...... too bad. I think it's a good start!

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Except that everything that comes with the phone comes from the manufacturer. Chargers are needed, a case is needed(obviously, unless you mean an outer box, then no, not needed). Screen protectors aren't really need and I don't see Koodo footing the bill for a $20 screen protector. Some phones come with a screen protector already on the phone. Yea sure, it's a nice idea, but I don't think it's feasable or needed.
And thats all it is, a starting point for an idea. All ideas have to start somewhere.
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I would think maybe either a screen protector or case but having a whole set of accessories sounds un-realistic. The cost would be huge - in the millions.
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Even if a company starts with this idea and give those accessories away, what if you break them. do you need to ask for replacement, this will drive any company loosing money.
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^That's why manufacturers have warranties