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A better control of Android PDA data

I would suggest to introduce a better PDA data control for Android smart phones. Something like easy accessible counter which also shows right away a useful statistics for all installed applications, as well as alarm setting if something goes over the user specified limit. Also an easy accessible button (or icon) which switches on and off the internet PDA connection, in case when something goes out of control - like in my case. (Also for other phones if they do not have it).

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There is a bunch of those apps on the android market place. Just get one that you like.
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I agree Mike. Some that come to mind are: --3G Watchdog --My Data Manager --DroidStates --Data counter Widget But one thing that I want to mention is that the best way to track your data usage is your Self Serve account online at www.koodomobile.com/selfserve. Sometimes these data counter apps can be inaccurate so I don't endorse relying on them completely.
I agree Mike. Some that come to mind are: --3G Watchdog --My Data Manager --DroidStates --D...Why nobody says it right away? I just bought this phone. I am new to it. Most people buying Android are new to it and first thing they should know is how to control expensive applications. How could they know?
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I agree Mike. Some that come to mind are: --3G Watchdog --My Data Manager --DroidStates --D...I agree with you, education is key. I hope that you've found the information in this forum informative 🙂
I agree Mike. Some that come to mind are: --3G Watchdog --My Data Manager --DroidStates --D...Education? I am well educated man, believe me. The key is an Information and "how Koodo and phone manufacturers organized it" I believe you wanted to say. Here is an example. The phone manual says cit. "If there are any programs running when you lock the phone, they may be still running in lock mode. It is recommended to exit all programs before entering lock mode to avoid unnecessary charges. (e.g., phone call, web access and data communications). That's fair information, although it's known by everybody who spent with computers some time. But what isn't fair is not people letting know how to exit these running programs. They run in a silent mode. Nobody can see it. Now you tell me please where this information is and how can we find it. The phone name is "LG Optimus One" and LG-P500h.
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I agree Mike. Some that come to mind are: --3G Watchdog --My Data Manager --DroidStates --D...Didn't mean for you to take it that way, I meant that I agreed that this information should be available to everyone - which it is. We have info on all of our phones on our website and when visiting the manufacturer's website you can find even more information on their phone. I've personally used a lot of phones, from the simple flip phone to the high tech iPhone and Nexus S. I sometimes didn't know how to use all of the features because of being unfamiliar with the way it worked, so yes I'd have data charges that I could have avoided. But you live and you learn. That's why I said that education is the key - because the more you know is the better prepared you are to deal with change and avoid data charges. I invite you to visit LG's website if you have found that their manual does not provide you with enough information. They have built an excellent website filled with live chat and forums that can answer a lot of your questions: http://www.lg.com/ca_en/support/mc-support/mobile-phone-support.jsp
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I've used Network Monitor for years
I've used Network Monitor for yearsIs it good?
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In the upcoming Android update (provided you have the Nexus S), Ice Cream Sandwich has it buit in.
And what is "Ice Cream Sandwich"? Software? Where is it?
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Ice Cream Sandwich is the next update to Android. It's being released on the upcoming Galaxy Nexus in a couple weeks. After that, the Nexus S & Nexus One will be getting the update by the end of November. Then, in December it's up to the device manufacturers (not the carriers) what other devices will be getting it. For Koodo's devices, these will NOT be getting it: -LG Optimus One -LG Optimus Chat -INQ Cloud Touch The Nexus S will 100% be getting it. The Samsung Galaxy Ace "should" get it as Samsung is usually very good at upgrading their devices