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5 Ways to Make Koodo Better in 2015

  • 26 September 2014
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[b]Spend smart

Whether you are in start-up mode, enjoying a growth spurt, or trying to keep things on track, the most important decisions you make for your business should never be made with cost as the guiding principle. Substitute the concept of "cost" with the question of "value" instead.   
[b]Dump year-end bonuses
By creating a bonus system that feels immediately linked to the short term projects on which employees are working, rather than waiting until the end of the year to reward them for their contributions, you can boost employee morale and your company's bottom line.   
[b]Ask your customers what they want
Customers are your best resource when it comes to creating, tweaking, and expanding your product line. Ask for their feedback on product ideas, solicit their comments on your current lines, seek their suggestions for product extensions. They will save you from making costly mistakes and tell you what you need to do to sell more.
[b]Sell solutions, not stuff
Solutions win customer interest because they move businesses forward, they make life better, and ultimately, because they change the way the world (in the small and the large sense) works. Selling a solution is an airtight sales proposition, and your sales will soar if you take care to frame every product discussion in terms of the solution it offers.
T[b]ry new strategies often
When your business has been around for a while, it becomes easy to fall into patterns of doing things the same way because you always have done it that way. Don't just be open to change, seek it out. Chances are, there are methods you have not tried, strategies you never considered, and just plain better ways to get things done.  Instigate change, investigate new ideas--and make the commitment to do so in every area of your business at least once each year.

1 reply

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Ask your customers what they want
You know Michel this whole competition is about asking the customers what they want. So far Koodo got the wish for: - Unlimited everything, data, minutes, text, picture messaging, call forwarding and worldwide roaming - For basically free, though most customers are willing to accept a small fee as compensation for their troubles - With lots of perks, presents, points and loyalty.gifts - Even more.gifts and free minutes, data, months and presents on birthdays - One month for free for every year you stay with Koodo, up to a maximum of 12 months per year - Family plans, where the rest of the family gets everything for free - Oh and new customers get the first five years for free, as a thank you for signing up - When Koodo is not busy offering plans, they should create phones that serve as a chew toy, potato peeler, car refresher, car starter, thief catcher and child finder - All that for FREEEEEE 🙂 I wonder if they are ever going to ask again what the customers want 😃