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1000 Minutes Free LD Bonus Include for Philippines

  • 25 April 2020
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I’ve been a Koodo customer since 2012, I guess that’s the time when Koodo is just starting. I ended up to Koodo because most of the people on the Filipino community I was living before recommends Koodo to me because of the great deals when it was new (until now honestly), until now I’m recommending Kooodo to my friends and made some few to switch into it. We would be happy if you include Philippines into your list for the 1000 Minutes LD Bonus, as it is only sitting into our plan and not using it. I believe us Filipinos are one of the on-time payers on our bills. So I suggest, that Philippines be included on the countries who can call for that 1000mins of LD bonus. I will be more happy and will recommend Koodo to more filipinos I know in the country if this will happen. Thank you!

4 replies

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@Nanjoe  Thank you for your suggestion! Share the your post with your friends and have them vote on it. The more votes an idea gets the greater the chances of advancing!  Get 50 votes and will give 250 minutes worth of calls to the Philippines. 

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Is it that easy to implement ideas now? :O

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@Robert T Ideas are born,  voted on, assessed and decided on.  Some are easier to implement than others.

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Unfortunately it is hard to see this happening LD from Canada to Philippines is extortion at best even  cheap Internet based services eg Viber charge $15 USD for 160min.