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Wouldn't be cool if Tablet and QWERTY would mold into one? Like a Tablet that has a sliding QWERTY like how the Samsung Intensity 1 had?

Just something more evolving than what Iphone, Idea Tab from Lenovo has put out now. Maybe an accessory where your tablet can print from itself, or something. I have an Idea Tab and its good but i'd like to use a QWERTY with it and i know there are separate paper thin keyboard accessories you can buy for it. But what if there was a choice to buy a tablet that already had it sliding it in and out? Rather than lugging around a separate piece of equipment around.

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No I think that'd be horrible. Imagine how much thicker it would have to be.
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Sounds good, but Koodo does not create devices - you might want to give your idea to the mobile phone/tablet makers - then ask Koodo to sell them 😃
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You might like those slim ultrabooks Aaron. Check 'em out.
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Asus made a transformer model called "slider' that had a slider out KB but it didn't sell to well.