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Would my Blackberry plan work on a new iPhone 6? (please help!)

Hi i have a question with concerns to koodo plans. Im currently on a koodo promotion plan which is a $45 with 1gb of data for my blackberry. Im thinking of switching over to the iPhone 6 soon and i was wondering if my data plan would work on the iPhone? Thanks p.s: i can't switch my plan now because this promotional plan isn't offered anymore

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Hi Hysan Yeung, Technically speaking, yes, your data plan would work on the iPhone 6 just fine (it just won't go through the BIS network if you were using a device pre-Blackberry 10). Also, depending on your current Blackberry, you will likely need to get a new sim card (nano sim) for this to work with the iPhone 6 (no impact to your plan). Hope this helps!
Thanks for the reply Peter! I am currently on a blackberry 9900 that i purchased unlocked as for the BIS network, that wouldn't affect my data usage on the iPhone 6 right? Thanks again!
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You should be all good!