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Wonders wheter a contract is attached to the cell phone of her friend?

Hi, My friend recently gave me his old BlackBerry because he was buying hiself a new phone. Now i would like to know if there is still a contract attached to his phone? And how do I find that out. And also, I am not with Koodo I am with Virgin Mobile. Thank you. Béatrice

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You don't have to worry about that. Even if there was a contract it's your friend who would be responsible not you. And if you bring it to koodo (unlocked) they will give 10% off every month on any plan you choose.
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The contract/term/device balance is based on the original device that was activated at the beginning of the term but it doesn't follow the device itself, it's tied to an account. So you'll be alright as long as the phone is unlocked or works with Virgin.