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won't receive text from iphone user

I just replaced my iphone 4 for a blackberry z10 everything works except if a iphone user send me a text I dont receive it. I tried with my wife and son and they have to physically switch it to "send as a sms" how come it doesnt work with iphone user? I tried turning off (the i message) on my the other phone, still doesn't work.please help

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The Iphones are the issue if they have to physically select to "send as sms", it means they are always sending as imessage if not. Usually can resolve if : -They switch off imessage, in both facetime and imessage.(under settings) -Hold both buttons of Iphone until the apple appears, and let go. -Once boots, turn Imessage and facetime back on. Also have them delete and readd your contact, could also resolve. Hope this helps.
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Unfortunately sometimes the imessage to sms converting doesn't work all the time. Your other friends may need to physically change it to send as sms as well. EDIT:responded too late
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Your old iphone is still registered with imessage. Contact apple support and get them to clear their records. It'll take a couple of days, but if you don't call them it can take up to 45.