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Will Koodo Transfer a Paid Booster to a Credit

Does anyone know whether Koodo will allow a 'no charge' transfer of a pre-paid Booster to a 'credit' on a 'prepaid' plan? I erroneously purchased a $10 data booster before I learned that data is not covered with my Blackberry Curve. I would like to transfer the 'pre-paid' data booster to a 'credit' so that I can eventually apply it to a service I can actually use. Anyone know whether Koodo will allow this, preferably without a service charge and whether I can perform this through 'pre-paid self-serve'? I cannot see how it can be done and don't want to waste a 'service call' charge if they won't allow. Thanks

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You are only charged a service call if you ask a rep to do something you could do yourself via self serve, and there's no charge just to talk to someone.
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If you explain the situation Im sure Koodo will reverse your booster credit since it was an honest mistake. If they dont allow you to, then give them heck on here and on facebook