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Why is my data not working

So I have data on my blackberry, but I currently have no network coverage, at all, and loads of data left on my plan I have tried turning my data, my network, and my phone on and off (battery and everything) but nothing is working My bill from last month is paid and there is still more than enough data available Is koodo or blackberry having issues right now Who would I talk to about this

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Having the same issue with an iPhone 4. Started maybe 10 minutes ago. Not getting any G, cant use any data. did power cycle, disconnect and reconnect to carrier, nothing. Sounds like it might be an outage 😕
I'm living in Southern Ontario, and I too cannot get any data. Phone and messages seem to work just fine, but no 3G connection 😞 Problem started maybe 30 minutes ago.
And its back for me in Toronto apparently. for now >.> hopefully for good. Might have been maintenance who knows.
Turned on my phone (BB Z10) at 10:30pm EST tonight after work checked a bunch of stuff, then lost the network connection by 11. Only have 3G voice. Back on, 12:30am. Phew
Well, glad its just not me then Hopefully this gets sorted out :S
Still seams a bit unstable. Getting emails at random. I can send message on apps but don't seam to be receiving. Ditto on SMS. So it still seams wonky.