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Why don't some people receive my texts?

I have a Blackberry Curve. Now 4 or 5 of my contacts don't receive my texts. I get texts from them and reply but they don't receive them. This started a few months ago. It worked fine before.

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How long have you had the phone for? It could just be the SIM card acting up. What kind of curve is it? Is it an older model?
It is a Blackberry Curve 9300. I had one that worked fine but the little scrolling button wasnt working well. A friend gave me his extra Curve and I put my sim card in it. Most people can send and recieve my texts but a few people don't. Phone calls work fine.
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It could just be the phone. It's hard to tell. Try someone else's SIM card in your phone to see if their texts go through. You could consider upgrading? The 9300 is showing its age.