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Why does my number show up on other peoples phones when i havent called them?

I get phone calls from people saying my number has phoned them when i dont even know that number. My parents get phone calls when i havent called them and it doesnt even say in my history i phoned them. My mom had someone pretend to be me when texting her and phoned her with a number thats not in service and my mom called you to find out how someone we dont know got my information and my moms. I would like to find out why it says i have phoned someone when i havent called anyone.

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Sounds like a telemarketer spoofing your phone #. I've seen a few reports of this happening recently so you're not alone. It's tough to do anything about this besides change your phone #.
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It's very simple to spoof someone's number. If they are calling your family then it's someone you know. Best to change your number and the password to whatever account you use to store your contacts. Changing your number is free via self serve.
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I don't necessarily recommend changing your phone number as that's more of an extreme measure. This is a much more frequent occurrence now than ever before. It's happened to me and quite a few friends but it doesn't last.