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Why can't I set up an email address on my BB?

Why can't I set up an email address on my BB 8530? On the Setup Wizard, it only gives me the option "I want to use a network email account w/ a BlackBerry Enterprise Server". It's supposed to give me the option "I want to create or add an email address" but it doesn't appear. Is this happening because I decided not to include a Data Service Plan in my account? I want to use it with WiFi. I just want to email a picture. Is this possible?

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looks like someone had the same problem on the bb forums http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-Bold/Email-Set-Up-problem/td-p/92424
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Let us know if this works because normally without BIS (data connection) none of the internal Internet connected apps will work.
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Yeah, you definitely need data on that phone. All OS 7 devices mandate data to send email or BBM. OS 10 removes those limitations because the provisioning is different.
You cannot set up an email address with BES. Koodo does not offer/support BES.
Thanks for replying. Firstly I'd like to emphasize that I don't have Data Plan on my phone (I told my carrier to block it so that I don't get charged for any data). I assume that means my phone is without BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) right? And what does BES stand for (KaneSlavik said "You cannot set up an email address with BES." ? Also, my phone shows as connected to my home's WiFi. But according to you, this doesn't make a difference cause I don't have a data plan? Then what is the WiFi option for if I can't connect to the internet even to send an email? I don't get it. Why do I need to get a Data Plan if my phone is already connected to my home's WiFi? I went to the link provided by Daniel Kim http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-Bold/Email-Set-Up-problem/td-p/92424. I did what they suggested: Options -> Advanced Options -> Host Routing Table -> click Menu select Register Now. Then I got a message that said "Registration message sent!" and then pressed "OK" but nothing happened. In my carrier's web page in my profile I don't see the option to "go to setup blackberry mail". Another person suggested registering my personal email using provider's BIS, but I have no idea how to do that in Koodo's page.
If by BES you referred to BlackBerry Enterprise Server, then I don't have that. My phone is not a company phone. I'm just a random guy trying to send a picture through email so I don't have to spend money paying for data fees.
My OS is v5.0.0.973
Does your rate plan have BB in it? You need a Blackberry compatible rate plan.
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If you have had data blocked on your account that's why BIS (blackberry internet service) is not working. The phone needs to be able to communicate with the RIM servers using the cellular data connection.
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Just to add again, data access is a requirement of the device you're using and not Koodo trying to screw you. All BB OS 7 devices and older need to use data, no matter which carrier you're on, to use email and BBM. So yes, you'll need to remove data block from your account and make sure you have a (BB) plan (also a requirement if the phone you're using), if not, then you can switch to them in Self Serve. Make sure you select the device type as BB Curve or Bold.
OK, got it. I just wanted to make sure. I'm not gonna purchase a data plan anyway, it's not worth it just to send a few pictures. Thanks though.