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why am i receiving text messages late

  • 30 October 2014
  • 3 replies


3 replies

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What do you mean? Did you have your phone turned off and then turned it on??
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That's the nature of the technology. Text messaging works on a "store & forward" basis, where the message you send is stored on Koodo's servers, and subsequently forwarded to the recipient, possibly through another provider. Depending on traffic on the system(s), and other issues, texts may arrive late, or even out of order. While usually they go through almost instantaneously, such is not always the case. This happens with both SMS and Apple Messages.
bfbutt, yes some delay is reasonable but 24 hours is not reasonable. My wife and I are both on Koodo and she often sends me text messages that don't arrive for a full day. What's particularly annoying is that the time stamp I have is the receive time-stamp but there is no corresponding sending time-stamp. This makes for some awkward conversations!