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Which phone has the best reception? Used to be a phone was a phone first. Now it's a camera/gaming/micro.micro computer...

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Which mfgr /model will let me hear my crucial messages clearly? Not interest in playing games. I have a tablet or other gear to do anything other than mobile superbly.

In the old days, Nokia and Motorola were champs at this, and Telus was a leader in this kind of customer service. Once had a Telus rep travel to the top of my street in the boonies after work to call from there and convince me my phone would work.

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Reception is all very similar between phones these days on the HSPA/LTE networks but Motorola, BlackBerry, and probably Nokia are still good at this too.
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I would vote Blackberry with paratek antenna. Also check out Telstra's website for Blue Tick phones. They are certified phones with exceptional reception
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Motorola (X Play), Blackberry (Z10) and HTC (One M8 & M9) get my vote.
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Nokia is very good (inventors of bluetooth) I had a cheapo 520 for almost 3 years, if I hadnt busted the screen Id still be using it. Never had a dropped call, even greyhounding across canada. Just gotta be able to handle Win8.1 or wait for the 550 to release in Canada if you dont care about apps and games and such
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I'd say Motorola after all they did invent the cell phone, I've personally never had an issue with their phones as far as reception. Samsung is one of the worst in this area up until this year, again from my usage anyways.
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With most manufacturers using the same components, there isn't really a big difference each one