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Where are you Blackberry Z30?

I am looking to purchase a Z30? Please make the Z30 available Mr. Koodo Latex pants. Please support our Canadian Tech company.

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Your best bet is to keep an eye on the community forum. Also if you use facebook we always release "teasers" with the new phones we're going to release on the koodo mobile facebook group. So I haven't read anything recently so your guess is as good as ours! 🙂
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I suspect that it's Telus that's holding back Koodo device offerings. Maybe they want people to "upgrade" their carrier. But, this is all conjecture as Koodo keeps silent on future device offerings.
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You can always purchase it elsewhere & get it unlocked then use it on Koodo's excellent service. Here's a link to everywhere it's available & you could also check online retailers like negri electronics or expansys & see if they offer it unlocked http://ca.blackberry.com/smartphones/blackberry-z30/buy.html
I wish Koodo would carry the Z30 even if it would only be available online. There seems to be quite some interest in members asking questions regarding this model. It is a the best unit BlackBerry has at the moment. I much rather buy it through Koodo and save a few bucks on the tab that to buy it somewheres else. Just wishing 🙂