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When sending MMS error received "Message Exipred or Not Available".

I can receive MMS fine, but sending has been a problem for a number of months now. Could have been longer but I don't always send MMS messages, it's just now getting to the tipping point to where it's no longer tolerable.

Unlocked BlackBerry z30 (STA100-5)
OS: - latest official release with koodo, I have never run a leaked OS.
UMTS Bands: 1,2,4,5,6
LTE Bands: 4,5,7

Located in Atlantic Canada
I'm on a Koodo unlimited plan.

data works fine
receiving mms works fine
send/receive SMS works fine
Phone calls work fine

As far as I can tell the APN settings are correct, but they are locked down and I cannot edit, or view all the settings. This is due to how Koodo decided to handle APN settings on BlackBerry. I can just see the APN listed as sp.koodo.com. But it's APN settings sent down to the phone automatically, so I have no reason to believe they are incorrect. And I would think I may also have problems receiving if the APN was somehow wrong?

I tried removing my sim card, turning off the phone, putting SIM back in and turning phone back on (suggestion in another thread). This did not work.


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Odd problem. For mms Apn settings, it's in the slightly different spot than Data apn. Go into the Hub, then Settings, Text Messaging. Hit Advanced at the bottom. Are the Apn settings editable there?
yup. nailed it. Thanks. So I was just in the wrong APN settings. There was a slew of just random letters and numbers in all the fields, mixed in with the correct data. Looks like pocket mashing is the likely cause there.