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When are you selling the blackberry passport. Its ridiculous you are not selling it yet.

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Hi Michael,

There hasn't been any news whether or not Koodo is going to be carrying the Passport, there have been plenty of people asking for it though. Best way to find out information about new phones coming to Koodo is to keep checking back on the Koodo community or the Facebook page for updates when they are going to be available.

Hope that helps
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I wouldn't bet on them carrying the Passport. The Q10 didn't sell well and that was a cheaper device than the Passport.I'd suspect Koodo will carry an entry to mid range Blackberry once a new one is released.
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I'm totally with Ivan in this one. The Passport is targeted at business users. Koodo isn't going after that market. Carrying a phone that doesn't sell well like doesnt make sense for them or any one else. That said, no one stops anyone to buy the Passport, unlock it for dirt cheap and put it on koodo's network.
I am a little disappointed that Koodo stopped selling BB, it just means I need to go elsewhere with my business when I upgrade form my Q5.
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Hopefully they at least carry the Classic. Even Virgin Mobile is going to be carrying it
I may have to pay off my TAB and switch to Virgin, as it stands I have very little options when it comes to QWERTY phones, a shame Koodo has abandoned this niche market.