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what kind of phone do you think is better iPhone or androids?

  • 11 October 2014
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8 replies

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Hello Samantha. I've got a sweet and short answer for you : On android you have low-end to high end phones. Meaning that you can get a crappy phone for a cheap price buy you'll want to throw it out the window every time you use it. Or you can get a high-end phone which will work as good as an iPhone On iPhone, when you buy a phone, you sure you buy something good (don't buy an iPhone 4s because this thing is getting pretty old right now and you don't want to buy an old phone that won't work in 1 year becasue it isn't powerful enough). The difference is how geek or tech-savy you are. If you love to be tech-savy, search the internet on how to tweak your phone, etc go with android. If you want a phone working out of the box go with iPhone. Anyways, it is up to you... You need to experiment both platforms. I personallt tried both and prefer iOs
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Most people prefer what they already have. I like android, but I think IPhone people are more fanatical about their phones.
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Hi Samantha, Also keep in mind which eco-system you want to be in. If you already have other iOS devices (i.e. iPad), it might make more sense to go with an iPhone as any apps you purchased for the iPad will also be available on the iPhone. If you also have a mac, iOS devices do sync with them perfectly especially with OS X Yosemite coming out this fall. If you are heavily tied to Google's services, Android will suit you perfectly. From a tech perspective, both are very solid. You are able to 'customize' Android more but for the every day user, I find that iOS can give you better peace of mind (i.e. knowing that you only have to go through Apple for service rather than a manufacturer (i.e. Samsung, HTC, etc), and Google). Of course, if you go with the Nexus, you can ignore this point as the device is 'made' by Google (not manufactured, but supported). But really, it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day 🙂 Good luck! Peter
Definitely android for me. I can't use i phones but its all personal preference
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Or. I definitely choose "or".
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In my personal opinion Android is better since I'm used to using it, have been for the better part of 4 years. Now I will admit that the iPhone is a great phone for people who want an all around consistent and smooth experience, but android is pretty well on par with it now compared to years passed. Ultimately it's your personal preference in the end, just thought I'd add my two cents 🙂
iPhone is behind in their innovations but they also don't make any improvement official until it is totally ready (except software sometimes, but that is fixed pretty quick in updates). Take for example the fingerprint readers in android phones vs. iPhone. Yes, android had them first- I think- but Apple's just works better (I've read). The other thing I like about Apple is I know that nothing makes it into the App Store that can harm my device or compromise the security. I also don't open email attachments on my phone a lot, and when I do its from a trusted source. But android phones are pretty sweet in their own way, especially if you love to tweak/improve your phone. I'm waiting on my 4S to die to get a new phone, so I don't have either for personal experience.
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This is a great thread !! A lot of people don't have experience with Apple AND Android. This thread educates and entertains us,