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What does "network busy" mean?

  • 20 August 2017
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I've been trying to get through to my relatives in the UK however when I call their number it doesn't dial. The simplest way to explain this is I press the call button the call goes through but then the call screen ends itself on saying "network busy" and I've been experiencing this for a few days now.  Could this be a problem with my phone? The network? any ideas?

5 replies

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I guess the network is just really busy. Ou can call without issue to Canadian numbers?
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It means just what it says, that the party you're calling is busy and not available. It's a message that's transmitted through the network, so there's nothing wrong with your phone. It simply displays what it's being told. If you can make other calls then your phone is definitely not the problem
It means just what it says, that the party you're calling is busy and not available. It's a messa...That treatment "Network Busy" is a network message, the network has no idea what the state of the called number is ... it can't get there to find out. 
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Can you try calling them from another phone?
Network Busy is a default message data-filled in routing tables of many brands of network elements.  In this case, Canada to UK, your call would traverse several nodes on multiple networks so it's hard to say which node is sending the message, but somewhere along the path, a node received a request for a connection to the next hop, but that hop is not in that node's routing table.

Some nodes will send this message when the route to the next hop cannot be found because of network blocking, but that is rare.

Chances are, if you tried the same number using a Bell or Telus phone, you would get a more detailed response if it were indeed a network problem, however your VLR is flagged within the Bell/Telus network as being a customer of Koodo's and the "treatment" your phone receives (messages) from international networks, is often different from a Bell/Telus customer making the same call scenario.

Call customer service and let them know the date/time of call attempt, where you were located, and the number you dialed.  Their translation team can troubleshoot to find which network node has a missing entry, but I think they will find it's on another network outside of Bell/Telus' network ... and if that's the case, all Koodo can do identify which network has the problem, then ask them to troubleshoot the path (data-fill on their network nodes).