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What does ''message de qualité'' means? It cost me 3$ each and I don't understand!

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it means "Primium Messages", it'l also refeer to paid service subscriptions through Third party companies like contests, horoscopes, or weather updates sent to their phone. It's not Koodo service
Hey Mag, because it is not a Koodo service to be able to unsubscribe from it and make sure you don't keep on getting charged those monthly $3 you will need to send them a short code, different companies have different short codes, my best advised it so call *611 from you cell phone or or 1866-995-6636 from a land line that way you can speak to one of Koodo's awesome reps so they can give you the short code. Keep in mind you will only have to text the word "STOP" in order to be unsubscribed, hope that helps 😃 Have a grate day