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Weird Texting problem

I have three phones on one plan; an Iphone, Blackberry and an LG flip phone. My problem is strange the Iphone can send and receive texts from the Blackberry and the LG. However we can not seem to get the texts working properly between the Blackberry and the LG. First off they wouldn't go through at all, the next day it was taking about 4 hours and when they did get though, the message didn't completely come through, it said short message??? All these phones are on the same account. I would very much appreciate so help.

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Have you tried resetting your phones? If you have then it comes down to a network error, call into koodo and try some trouble shooting with them and making them aware of the issue is necessary.
Thank you for your help. I did reset the phones the same day of your message, but it didn't work. I was about to call Koodo for help the next day and miraclously the texting started to go through immediately. Thanks again for responding.