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Warranty and Repair Coverage

Koodo should provide more options for manufacturer warranty and extended warranty claims. Some koodo kiosks don't offer manufacturer warranty claims for their system does not allow them to do so. Clients are directed to a koodo dealer/ corporate store in the city which would be a hastle to those who live in towns where koodo kiosks are present. Extended warranties should also be considered to be an option for the client also because a lot of the phones thar qualify for tab large are really expensive. Some extended warranties may include applecare+ for iphones and device protection for androids, blackberry, and windows phones.

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I agree that all Koodo kiosks should have access to the same system & not require the customer to find one that does. As for extended warranties though, I think the option should be there, but I'm not sure how many people would use it. I know I wouldn't - I never get extended warranties.
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Hi Richard, Thanks for your idea. I'm happy to say that we've listened and you can now add extended warranty to your plan. I'm also excited to tell you that the coverage allows you to make claims from the comfort of your home if you wish. For most people a replacement phone is shipped by the next business day! Check out the full details http://koodomobile.com/en/on/extendedwarranty.shtml
Wow! Thanks for looking into this. I am actually a sales rep at Tom Harris and we deal with Koodo also. This is excellent customer service!
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Richard Basia Dominguez Lopez wrote:

Wow! Thanks for looking into this. I am actually a sales rep at Tom Harris and we deal with Koodo...

You're welcome. Glad to see you are happy with the addition. Have a great day!