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Want to set up Blackberry as a Wi-fi hotspot

I'm thinking of getting a Blackberry Curve, but I'm confused about the options. I want to set it up as a wi-fi hotspot at the cottage so I can access Internet on laptop via Curve. I have no other options for Internet out there (have cell service though, so Curve should work). When I research data plans, I understand the plans themselves, but then there are three different add-on options for Blackberries that I don't understand, and in addition, the boxes are shadowed so they cannot even be selected. Do I have to order the phone and package before I choose one of the three options? And if I get the Blackberry social or Messenger add-on, does the usage affect my data plan?

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You should choose BB Data Plan (only Postpaid accounts), install Desktop manager on your PC, then configure your BB as hotspot.
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Unlimited BBM gives you unlimited BBM access and nothing else. Blackberry social gives you unlimited social media access, including BBM, and nothing else. Data saver Blackberry access allows you to access any site on the internet. You will be charged based on MB used under the rates specified for the pay per use data saver. None of these add ons can be stacked either with eachother or with the Canada wide data plans. They are only available with the talk and text plans.
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Hotspot is available on OS 7.1 or newer (BB10). For devices pre 7.1, you can tether via USB using Desktop Manager. You need an active Data plan for tethering, BB Social or other limited addons won't do it.
Get an android they have better amd cheaper data plans with does cellphones,
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centinelacgp wrote:

Get an android they have better amd cheaper data plans with does cellphones,

Android doesn't have 'better and cheaper data plans'. Whether you have an Android or Blackberry, that price for data is the same, you don't pay an additional fee for data just because you use a Blackberry.