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Voicemail Looping in "record a greeting"

I have a Blackberry and it is stuck in "record a greeting" when I try to access voicemail. It gives me the option to go back a menu by pressing * but it stays within the greetings menus. I've even recorded a second greeting, but am still stuck in "record a greeting mode." I can't get to my voicemail. 

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Hmm. I haven't heard something like this before. Have you tried resetting your voicemail in Self Serve and then trying to record it again? Let us know if that works. If not, a call to tech support may be in order.
I will check Self Serve for the option to reset voicemail. I had a quick look earlier and didn't see that.  I only saw the option to reset the password. 
I can only find an option to reset the voicemail password. Is that what you're referring to?
Resetting the voicemail password did the trick. Thank you!