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Visual voicemail?

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In response to@Oatsy77 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Oatsy77/status/390953896387952641 @koodo what the frig is visual voicemail

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It's basically like an email inbox and voice mail is pushed to your phone for easy access without having to dial your voice mail service
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It is only available on iPhones currently with Koodo. But instead of dialling your voicemail, pressing 1, pressing 7 to delete, etc You will get list of people who called you and you can just tap on whoever left a message and delete it right away. No more calling voicemail. Its only a $2 add on too with Koodo, compare to $5-8 in other canadian carriers.
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Another advantage not covered above is you can listen to the voicemails in any order. If you get a lot of voicemails this can help you if certain ones are more urgent than others.
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It's definitely useful if you usually miss a lot of calls and receive lots of voicemail. It's very easily accessible and much cheaper compared to how other carriers are putting it out for.