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my phone bill is supposed to be $40.50 a month because I brought my own iphone which is a 10% off $45 plan which is $40.50 a month. But i only used 169 MB of data and in my plan i can use up to 500MB . so why is my very first phone bill $55.95???

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Ouch sorry Andrea, the Rep should have mentioned to you notnto sbe surprised bybyour first bill as it's pro-rated.

Koodo (like every other Carrier) bills in advance. When you first got your service, you started in the middle of a billing cycle. So your first bill contains about 5-7 days before your cycle started. And then the 30 days after it started.

Rest assured your next bill and subsequent bills will be normalized. For more information and videos about your first bill, check this link! https://c.getsatisfaction.com/koodo/topics/first_bill-1g58e
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Chad is exactly right! Here is a quick video Koodo put together regarding your first bill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE9TiOqzrVg&list=UU-nct9jUd9jFQG_i2y1ThAg