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Use Common Sense when "helping" customers

After looking over the community posting, I advised my mother (whom lives 2 provinces away) that she's need to get a new SIM card.  As her phone keep saying "no SIM, emergency calls only".  She drove an hour to the city to get her SIM card.  I told her to bring in her phone, and tell the person there what the problem was and what solution they had in the community forum.

She drove out this morning to your location 129 Trinity Drive, Moncton. Went inside and wait close to 30 minutes to be served.  The women working there was extremely helpful to all the customers ahead of her; telling them that with their new phone they where getting 5 free movie tickets and keep telling them in a few days that they would be getting a survey and telling them how helpful she was.

When it was her turn, my mom gave the lady her phone and told her the issue.  Showed her and told her she would need a new SIM card as per the solution online.  YOUR employee got a SIM card, place in the phone, rang up the bill and said "here is where you need to call, have a nice day".

HUMMMM so you gave my mother back a phone that can't make calls and told to her call 1-866-995-6636 to get the phone activated, really?  How exactly does your Koodo/Telus employee expect her to call?  At some point does your employee understand the lack of Common Sense?

She drove back an hour home, to go online and contact me.  So that I could call your center and have the new SIM activated.  I assure you this does NOT make me happy!  Choose Happy, right?  My idea, hire employee with some ability to see past their survey results and actually help customers.

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If it was a prepaid phone, then to my knowledge kiosk employees [i]do not have the ability to activate sim cards.
Does the knowledge store employees have a working telephone in the store?  I'd guess the answer is yes, then maybe instead of handing a senior citizen their broken phone back they should say "I can't active the card for you, but here is land-line phone you can do it from".  Again goes back to the common sense idea.
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Jane Smith wrote:

Does the knowledge store employees have a working telephone in the store?  I'd guess the ans...

I'm not sure how tech savvy your Mom is and if she uses the Internet, but you can activate a SIM card on the computer as well, in self service. In fact I'd say that is by far the easiest method.

I'm not in any way defending the employee because I simply wasn't there, but perhaps she didn't realize your mother doesn't have a landline (most elderly people still do) and/or isn't on the Internet.

Sadly some stores consider prepaid customers as less valuable than monthly customers, simply because they don't get a commission out of those.
Jane Smith wrote:

Does the knowledge store employees have a working telephone in the store?  I'd guess the ans...

She's not.  That why she unlocked and gave the employee her phone.  Read off a hand-written note of what I told her to say, and then told the employee "I am not tech savvy, please don't ask me to do anything else, I just need to get this thing working".

We changed the phone when my mom was here, in Ontario, back in December.  We went together to the kiosk in the Bramalea City Centre and the employee there activate the SIM card.  So to say that kiosk employees can't is not true at all.  He did it right in front of us.  And he set the stage for excellent service.

I didn't know that prepaid customers where treated any different that another else.  Since we are both Koodo customers (for now), and to make things easy both are on authorized credit card payment to never miss a payment; maybe another idea for Koodo employees to value their prepaid customers the same as everyone else.

Letting employees know that when they provide poor service to any customer that it affect the brand.  Koodo is known for "Choose Happy", I assure you that didn't happen today.