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US roaming text booster 1000 not working for my daughter in NYC

My daughter is in NYC on a school music trip and we bought her the US roaming text booster 1000 so she could text while there.  she is not receiving our texts from Ontario, nor are we receiving hers.  She has a Blackberry on the prepaid plan.  Any help would be appreciated...she is only there for a few days so very frustrated.

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Has she tried restarting her phone? Does she have service at all? If not, tell her to manually select a carrier. (From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. Select Settings > Network Connections > Mobile Network. In the Network Selection Mode drop-down, select Manual. Press Scan. Select the desired network from the list of available networks.)
Thanks Allan. I suggested she restart her phone. She can send emails when in WI fi zone. Will pass on info. Thx again!