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Upgrading from Blackberry Curve 8530(CDMA) to unlocked BB Bold 9900

Hi I had a Koodo refurb'd BB Curve 8530 with my Tab on the $20 Canada-wide plan with $10 BB Basic add-on. I got a carrier unlocked BB Bold 9900 with BB OS ver 7.1 and picked up a Koodo SIM card from a kiosk. Went home and activated/transferred my service from CDMA phone to the SIM online using my self-serve account then popped the SIM into the Bold which picked up service right away. Calls, texting and WIFI are working fine but BBM isn't working over the cellular network and I am unable to set up my Internet email/webmail account - the setup wizard fails to complete the email account setup when I try and when I try the email account management settings, error pops up "Unable to open email setup application. Contact your wireless service provider." Is the BB Basic add-on compatible with the unlocked Bold 9900? The Bold used to be on Rogers/Tbaytel before it was unlocked. I would prefer to keep my current plan and add-on since the Koodo rate plans have gone up since last year but the included features have also increased. Appreciate any help/info or verifying whether I must update to a new/current plan to get BBM over the cellular network instead of wifi only (or any troubleshooting to get BBM to work over cell network ob my current plan). Not as concerned about the email issue. I originally thought it was a BB issue so I tried factory resetting the Bold and reinstalling the OS but still no luck. I never used BBM on my Curve because I relies on it mainly for calls and simple texting but the improved screen and the features of the Bold gets me trying out more phone features. Thanks! d(^.^)b

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go to options->networks and connections->mobile network and make sure data is on go to options->device->advanced system settings->tcp ip make sure that the apn is set to bb.koodo.com go to options->device->advanced system settings->host routing table, press the menu button and click 'register now' reboot phone. you should receive a message indicating that the phone has been registered with rim and the BBM should work.
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No, your plan is actually fine... but you need to update the service books so the data will work again (since emails and BBM require data on OS 7 and earlier devices). Go to settings > device > advanced system settings > host routing table. Hit the Blackberry button and select "Register now". Phone should automatically reset. If not, do it manually. Let us know if that fixes your issue. EDIT: Timo beats me to it...
Thank you so much for the help! Took me a few tries but got it to work 🙂 THANKS