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Upgrading from a Blackberry plan.

I want to switch to a tab medium when I upgrade my phone, I would also like to keep my existing plan. I have the "Canada-wide data double 30 (BB)" plan right now, which is pretty nice. The only problem I foresee is that this is a blackberry plan. If I upgraded to a non-blackberry phone, would I be forced to switch to a more expensive plan?

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1. No, you don't need to switch the plans... the reason it's a (BB) plan is that BB OS 7 devices needed special data provisioning, but the nice thing is the data will work on a non-BB 7 device as well. Since BB 10 OS came out, their data provisioning works the same way as it does on other devices, so no special codes are required anymore. 2. You can keep your existing plan for Tab Medium since it meets the $30 threshold. You'll just have to pay the $5 Tab charge each month to help pay off your subsidy. The benefits you'll receive are now a 15% Koodo contribution for your Tab and a 24 month clear guarantee.
Thanks, glad I don't have to give up my plan.