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upgrade to z10

I want to upgrade to the z10 I am on the tab which is 40 dollars a month with the bbm add on, I have the Blackberry Curve 9320, how much will it cost me? In the end how much will I have to pay for the phone?

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What is your current tab balance
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Wed need to k of how much is owing on your tab at this point now to be able to know what you would pay for the phone? Plus if you want to keep your plan or get a large tab plan?
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Do you have a Positive or Negative Tab?
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Can you tell us what your available tab is at? 😉
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The general answer: It's great that you want to upgrade, the Z10 is a really cool phone and I'm sure you'll like it. As for how much you'll pay for it: depending on your available positive tab & the new tab level you choose the price out of pocket will vary wildly. One thing is certain though, you'll need to change your plan, the new BlackBerry 10 devices don't use data the same way the old devices did so there's no more add on for Unlimited BBM available for the Z10. Your new plan will need data allocated, whether it's a set amount with an overage charge or a data saver plan with tiers. If you can provide us with things like, how much do you want to pay for your plan each month and how much are you willing to put down on the phone, and most importantly your tab balance ,we might be able to help. Without some additional information, we just can't come up with the proper answers.