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upgrade to Q5 from curve 9320

I have a blackberry curve 9320 with the blackberry social plan. I see that the blackberry Q5 is available for $150, and i am wondering about upgrading. If I pay off my tab and buy the new phone, will I be able to keep my blackberry social plan or will I have to get a new plan as well?

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yep you can keep your plan. Enjoy the Q5! its a great phone 🙂
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Daniel Kim wrote:

yep you can keep your plan. Enjoy the Q5! its a great phone :)

Not true. Social data plans do not work on bb10 devices
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You can keep the BASE PLAN you have now but BB Social is no longer available for BB 10+ devices (or it's completely gone, as far as I'm aware) due to changing from the old RIM data to standard smartphone provisioning. During the redemption process, the rep will have to take off the BB Social add-on manually or the system will recognize which device category the IMEI belongs to and it will automatically be removed anyway. You will have to opt for pay-per-use data on your old plan OR get a data bucket plan starting at $37 for 300 mins/150MB. Fortunately for you, however, is that BBM and E-mails will now go through on WiFi whereas they couldn't on BB OS 7 or earlier.
How do I ask a question on this
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Keon Johnbaptiste wrote:

How do I ask a question on this

Like so: I have a question 🙂 I'm teasing, you can start typing in the box http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo under "ask a question" and ask... it's better to start a new thread than to add to a 2 weeks old one 🙂