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Unify pre-paid and post paid sim cards

Koodo is the only major Canadian carrier to use sim cards that can not be activated for either it's pre or postpaid services, but different sim cards depending on customer type. As both a Koodo customer, and a former retailer this can lead to a lot of frustration when someone needs a replacement, and a store only has one or the other product, it can also lead to mistakes at third party retailers if the sales person has not been given proper training. So the idea is simple: going forward issue sim cards that are compatible with both services.

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Prepaid ones are clearly marked "prepaid". And I believe the monthly ones are also distinctly marked. It would literally be no one's fault but the person who was looking at the sim card if they made a mistake for not paying attention. Koodo's prepaid system isnt like other providers prepaid systems and thus need a different 'type' of sim card.