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TTC SMS Stop Numbers Won't Work Anymore :(

I used to text stop numbers to the 898882 number for the toronto transit system and would always receive a text back with that schedule's information. I have tried texting different stop numbers to this number over the past 5 days and have not received a single text in response! So frustrating because up to a week ago the service worked perfectly! It still works for some of my friends but just not my phone. Is this a ttc issue? Or something wrong with my phone or service?

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Does texting/ calling other numbers work? or is it just ttc? I can understand your frustration 😞 Try removing the battery and popping it back in.
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It was working for me until the weekend, then stopped. It started working again yesterday.
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It's probably not Koodo but whoever the TTC is using to offer this service.
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According to http://txt.ca/codeList/codeListEN.php , the address for support is support@ti-mob.com (Transcontinental). You can also call 416-393-3030 for TTC customer service.