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trying to change phone number through self serve

  • 26 July 2014
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I am trying to change my phone number. i got a text to call koodo an pick the "porting inquiries" option, but after choosing the english option then extisting customer and entering my number, there is no option called "porting inquiries". what am i supposed to do? also it asks fro my esn from my previous service provider, but i have no previous service provider. my phone has always been with koodo

6 replies

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So it's not porting, its just change your phone number. Self serve > Mobile phone > Change Number > change phone number > choose option 1 and follow instructions If you move to different province and want to change your number, call customer service.
Yes. I did all this. I then got a text as described above
The text was received after i completed the change phone number information. When i call koodo it allows me to enter the automated system with my new number (says my old one is not valid) . I listened to all of the options, but "porting inquiries" is not one of them (which i do not understand, because that is what the text instructed me to do) .
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So you could change your number and received a text to call Koodo... Call Koodo again and keep pressing 0 to get a rep. You can tell them your situation and they will help you out 🙂
They are closed now. I will have to wait until tomorrow. It would be nice if the instructions the sent made sense. Oh well. My old number is no longer valid, but new one isn't set up. So i won't be able to receive calls as the process is in limbo. Hopefully they are open on Saturdays.
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They are closed now. I will have to wait until tomorrow. It would be nice if the instructions the...True, they are closed now ( 1 a.m. I need to go to bed 😉 ) Yes, they are open on Saturday. Hours of Operation •Monday − Friday: 10am - 9pm •Saturday: 9am - 7pm •Sunday: 9am - 7pm